post zu favoriten Translate my Polish fathers autograph book from 1920s to ENGLISH (berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Vergütung: 20 euros for one hour and half or so? there are only small paragraphs 10or15


Hello to all! My father was a POLISH PRISONER OF WAR in a GERMAN CAMP in WW2.
I am piecing his story in the camps and have various letters from the camps that a Polish person tried to help
me with.

But now I have an "autograph book" from 1920s. Before he went to university.

So, it is a small book, with only about 15 small paragraphs written by his fellow students.

They are probably BORING and NON IMPORTANT but I would love to have them translated.

Is there a cool POLISH person who is sensitive to this subject matter and would like to help me.

I am a writer/artist so my finances are not great, but I can pay about 20 euros for 1 1/2 hour to go thru
the little book!! TO MEET AT CAFE AND YOU would read it aloud, translate and i would transcribe it,
i would think it would take 1 and half hour... maybe 2? Tell me what you think
I truly don't think it will take that long.. as there are only a few excerpts written in polish in this little book.

We could meet in a cafe in the next few weeks?

Thanks for reading and peace and blessings!

Please.. only people in berlin who can meet me with the book and sit down for that one hr and half!!
cannot do this remotely!!

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