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-Male Actors from 20 - 50 are needed! Required to speak German.-


The film "larg (far)" is a graduation project for both our director's Master degree, and our producer's Bachelor degree which will be shot in late August 2018, and scheduled to be finished by October of 2018.

The Project

This film deals with problems faced by people trying to pursue their dreams, especially artists, so we both feel strongly about this subject. It is an ambitious project which does not take on the role of categorizing people but it lets the audience observe. Many artists from all over the world are crewing up to help realize this film.

As the film is very low budget unfortunately there isnt possible to pay everyone. Daily expenses such as food and snacks are going to be covered. The shooting of the scenes is going to take place in Berlin and it is going to occupy one day of your life. I encourage everyone who is actor and non actor to write on my email and contact me for futher details.


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