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kompensation: $20US per video

Hello! We run the Fuzzy Puppet YouTube channel ( ) and are looking for people who can translate our videos from English to other languages including: French/Russian/Japanese/Italian/Swedish/Thai/German/Korean/Arabic/Hindi. If you can speak English and ANY of these other languages fluently, are MALE, and can do a cartoony sounding impression of our character Fuzzy Puppet, then we would love for you to contact us!

Right now we have a guy who translates our videos into Spanish. You can see here: We send him a link to a video on youtube and what he sends back to us is a WAV or MP3 file of just his voice sync'd up to the same timing of the video. So he translates the video and then records the VO. We do not have transcripts. So you would have to watch the video, translate and record the VO. You would be responsible for giving a similar performance to the character. Some of the videos have other characters. You would need to voice them as well. Most of the videos are short with not too much talking. Some of the videos are longer - 10+ minutes but again there's never too much talking. It's mostly action. We attached images to this ad of our Spanish VO guys' process.

Here is an example Fuzzy Puppet video:

And here is the same video translated into Spanish:

Can you send me a sample of the voice you would do for Fuzzy? I pay my Spanish VO person $20 per video. We send them in groups of 5 and we have 100's of videos that need to be translated! You will be the voice of Fuzzy and it's a rewarding and fun job! If you or somebody you know would be interested, please send a demo of how you would do Fuzzy's voice.
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