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Is there another crazy creative lunatic in Berlin out there who has the energy to move mountains and who believes that, together with the right accomplice, they can overcome the odds? Our feature film Bump Trump is going to be made this year - we're just preparing the crowdfunding campaign - before The Cretin is impeached. But before he goes we want to shape his legacy in an entertaining way to ensure that future generations can spot deranged dingbats of his creed at a glance.

You should love creating great things, be resourceful, resilient and able to brainstorm despite tears of laughter streaming down your face. And be a natural story-teller. It would be good if you'd already made at least a couple of short films yourself or at least written a few funny scenes.

I'd be the coffee and you'd be the cream. You'd be Joel and I'd be Ethan. Fred and Ginger as never before.

Wow, someone got this far! You must have stamina! Maybe we should go for a coffee together...

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