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If you are an owner of a bar in Berlin and looking for bookings from high quality musicians and singer/songwriters
and willing to put in some money (either percentage of the bar or fixed fee) to the musicians playing then I'm your man.
I have experience in booking my own concerts all over Europe from small venues, festivals to hosting open mics, jam nights, tours
and selling out bigger live venues as a promoter and musician.
I started a collective here in Berlin called the Troubadour collective where we would put on a concert every two weeks in Lagari in Neukolln and it became a great hit but after problems with the bar we decided to stop.
I now would like to adapt that concept and book for a bar where the quality of sound and the musicianship is of high quality from acoustic acts to poetry, world music with the intent to record the majority of it for social media to gather an online following for the night with the hope to bring in touring acts from all over and create an open community of musicians.

Remember musicians talk, promote and drink alot and if a bar gets on well with them they can bring a lot of custom to your bar.
Hit me up with any ideas you may have.

This is just an experiment to broading my list of interested venues so feel free to suggest some or if you are a musician/ booker get in touch if you find this interesting.
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