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Logician Technologies, established in 2011, is a private IT offshore, Outsourcing and software development company headquartered in India, Madhyapradesh. We are looking for new Business Opportunity and Outsourcing works. We would Like to Assist and support our customer with any kind of Hybrid, BI, Mobile, Web Application development requirements. We work in all Major Languages DotNet, PHP, ROR, Python, Qt, NodeJS, IOS, Android, Windows OS, Portable Hardware, Micro Services and Provide support in Business Concept Visualization, Prototyping with help of Wire frames.

Logician develops software solutions for the Industrial Automation Industry that help bridge the communication gap between diverse hardware and software applications. Our products enable informed decision-making from the shop floor to the top floor by providing consistent, reliable data across the enterprise.

We, As Logician Team Stand with Our customer to understand their business need. Articulating and defining business needs is a part of the activity called enterprise analysis and includes identifying and understanding the business's goals; we might need to advise the client that the best starting point for them is to focus on their sustainability strategies first. The question in the process outlined here is whether a skills program is what the business needs at the moment; and if not, what other services or options you might recommend.

- Help Business Process Visualization with Wire-frames, Concept Building and Revenue Model, Visualization Concepts.
- Second Opinion (Technical Consultant/Project Manager) On Hire.
- End to End Solutions Consulting.
- Product Concept Visualization.
- Startup Collaboration And Support.
- Research And Development Projects.
- Bridge Hardware Support And System Integration.
- Strong Data Analytic.
- IOT Hybrid Solutions.

Logician only delivers industrial-strength solutions that are designed, tested, and certified to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. We will not release a product until it has successfully passed all stages of our rigorous quality-control process. We build, sell, and support the global market from our Indore, India headquarters to ensure the highest quality output.

Please get in touch with us and we will be glad to serve you!!

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Skype: Logician.infotech
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