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Hi, my names Joe , im English, 34 years old and I speak a little strasse Deutsche and i'm staying in Berlin till about the 18th of this month (July).
I need to make some cash so if your moving flat or house and would like a strong competent and reliable person to help you move all your heavy stuff up and down Berlin's endless stairs then do give me a call. 10 euros per hour, cash, maybe more if its a extremely heavy job (pianos and hardwood furniture, expensive equipment, anything were I might get injured or have to be extremely careful and think ) and since i'm in the east of the city I may have to charge a little travel time if your over in Spandau or something.
But i guarantee full power work when I'm with you.
Just call of txt me direct, i'ts and english number but it wont cost you any more than usual to call.
+44 77499 58307
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