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I'm a musician from Italy that recently moved here. I quickly found people to play with and that is great, although I'm struggling to find people who are into Progressive as I am, or at least inclined to a written-down, not improvised kind of music.

I'm writing this post because I've composed some songs (around 5 tracks) and, as you can imagine, they are a bit too long and not easy to digest for people who are not into the genre, and I would like for some other like-minded musician to lend me his/her ear and give me an opinion and (why not?) maybe start a project and finally bring these ideas into reality. Some songs I managed to turn into midis, so we can listen to and dissect them manually, others are either acoustic or a work in progress which would require me to play them on my guitar.

A little bit about me: I'm technically a bass player, although I studied classical guitar and I often enjoy singing. I don't have many inspirations when composing, so I can't really name one or more specific bands or artists, the only one I can surely point out is Opeth: you will hear much of them in my music, can't help it :)
I was also inspired by Bach and other medievalist composers, along with folk and maybe ethnic music. It's very hard to explain, you have to check it out!

I won't share my music online, first of all because it is unlicensed and second because, as I told you, the songs are still unfinished, so I could only show you in person, but I could still send you links or files you can listen to just to get an idea.
Write me if you are interested, I'm very proud of my music and it deserves a chance to be finally brought to life!
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