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Hallo everybody!

I am Nathalie, living in Berlin. (Ich spreche auch Deutsch, italian and spanish)
After a long time, I finally decided to find again musicians to make music with.
I am an amateur singer-songwriter, creating my own songs and playing guitar since about a year. (Singing since many years)
Now it is time to join again some like-minded people and enjoy together the bliss of music.

What I am looking for?
I am looking for people (better if with experience, enthusiastic, easygoing and adventurous) who would like to create (also record and eventually play outside) music similar to the following artists:

Nick Cave
Pj Harvey
Tim Buckley
Dresden dolls

yeah, I like a lot of drama^^

Other artists I like: Fiona Apple, Nina Nastasia, Moogway, Archive...
But I am also open to explore other triphop, dream pop or more jazzy and cool one ;)

***looking forward to hear you***

here you have my SoundCloud, so you can have a first idea. I am not so good at recording, but I keep improving^^.

lol (lots of love)
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