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I am an international songwriter and record producer based out of Berlin. I moved from New York City (where I am from) to Berlin. You can learn more about me here:

I am currently recording and producing my album here in Berlin. For a few of the songs on my album, I need to hire LOCAL to BERLIN Male and Female Actors and Voiceover professionals that have genuine AMERICAN accents and/or ENGLISH (UK) accents to record some speaking parts on my album.

My music is VERY electronic with over 20 analogue synthesizers on various songs AND there is already a recorded orchestra of violins, violas and cellos on several songs. Many of the songs on my album are high-energy dance songs and tempos range from 90 BPM to 130 BPM. The hired actors and/or voiceover professionals would be speaking various "acting parts" and "dialogue" on my album.

This is a paying situation and it is based on experience.

***To be considered, please send me your background and samples of your work.***


BB3 of BB3 Dynamics Music Productions Berlin
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