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Hey fellow earthlings!

I am a fresh Berliner and looking for a group of Creative heads to merge with and pull strings together.

I was a founding member in a culturecollective putting up Shows/Venues and a three day Festival.
The aesthetics were the common ones around 2013... very neohippiewave with lots and lots of selfconsructed woodwork and ethnokitsch.
But due to my movement and a lack of progress in my old group I embraced the decision to cut ropes and swing my balloon to unknown heights.
As my main Creative Field i'd consider spinning wax or digital (, writing Blogs ( / shortstories/poems/novels and a little bit of Illustration/Graphic Design. Recently I participate in Accessoires Design as well. All of it mostly non commercial besides the DJaying and the writing.
I speak german as my mothers tongue and improve my englisch every day.
My wish for the Group would be an open minded collective with a cutting edge attitude. People who will push ideas and boundaries while not loosing their grounding. I know a lot of hopes to get crushed but don't be afraid:
Whiskey is cold, bath tub running and kayal ready to run down in fat, black falls of tears. Anyway my momentary choice of Style/aesthetics would be a little bit dark/post gothic and industrial meeting plants and organic life because of my momentary botanic studies.

And yes you can get dickpix, but only if serious money is involved

Have a bläst and try not to kill anyone.

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