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Hello! (This is not an open mic night)

We are selecting performing acts for a special music night we are organizing on January 9th in Prenzlauer Allee. It will be the opening night of a series of live music nights in Prenzlauer Allee that will happen EVERY TUESDAY! We are very excited to bring some fresh air in this area where not much is really happening.

Be with us to celebrate a great start!

How does is work on your part:


- you are a single performer or maximum a duo or trio

- you can play without a full sounding drumkit

- you have a unique performance and can perform it in a small stage

Perform a maximum of 2 pieces.

How does it work on our part:

- we provide stage lights, PA, 2 mic stands, 2 mics and leads.

- we have the audience as a jury + a jury (it's not so formal! We've got all to have fun!) of renowned local artists!

- if you win we give you a prize! Yep!

150€ + a nice bottle of craft beer to bring home + we schedule a paid gig for a Tuesday in march 2018!

+ extra surprises during the night in work in progress.

If you don't win, we can still schedule a paid gig from March on, of course :)

Music is not a competition, it's a collaboration, and we truly believe in making it a great night for everyone!

Please reply to this ad with proper information and links to your performances (better if live ones) and... let's do it!

Groove on

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