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Hi. Im Tom, drummer for our band.

Us three mates started a band a few months ago here in Berlin.

We have written a bunch of good rock songs, we have two guitarists who share singing and a drummer thats not the best drummer in the band so we are almost set to light the world on fyah..... buuuuut we don't have a Bassist!

We need a Bassist. Basically.

We love playing music. We love drinking beer and we love having a good time. What we also want to do in the next couple of months ... is start playing heaps of rock shows!

We use a collective rehearsal space in Neukölln weekly. And also set aside time every fortnight for songwriting. Not a massive weekly comittment, but enough to make sure the band progresses.

We are all decent musicians and have a bunch of previous band experience between us.

If you can play bass, and have a bloody good attitude, get in touch for a jam and some beers.

Cheers from Tommy (me), Audie and Party Marty. Xo
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