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I'm an alternative pop singer-songwriter with a repertoire of fully produced songs and I'm looking for a drummer/percussionist with some knowledge of electronic production to bring my project to the stage.

The music is a mixture of orchestral chamber pop and synthpop, and as such it benefits from both acoustic elements and electronic drum pads or drum kit, but we can discuss how it can be best adapted to the stage. We would perform with a keyboardist I'm already working with.

My goal is to play in a couple of smaller venues in Berlin first starting at the end of February, and then playing bigger venues and festivals by summer 2018. Both amateur and professional musicians are welcome but I have professional ambitions so if you do too that's a plus. In any case, you should be available to rehearse once a week (more often before gigs) and be flexible with your schedule.

If you're interested, contact me with info about yourself and your background with some links to your music if possible, and I'll be happy to send you the songs. Looking forward to hearing from you! :-)

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