post zu favoriten 30 sq. meters MUSIC ROOM noise friendly! (Lichtenberg) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Hello, musicians! Very nice 30 square meters rehearsal room (noise friendly) available to share long term in Lichtenberg.

Please contact me with a message with details and information regarding what you do, how often you would need it and so on!


ALL MORNINGS: 8 AM until 2 PM .
100€ total a month including all expenses.

2 EVENINGS of your choice: 7 PM until the morning after at 8 AM! (yes you can play no-stop!). Fixed day(s). 150€ a month including all expenses.

Also, when no-one is using the room you can use it for free, but for that we communicate in real time :-)

Equipment: There is a good drums (it's nice if you bring your own breakables!), PA, a bass amp (not so good), a guitar amp (you should ask the other guitarist if you can use it though). There is enough space to bring your own equipment if you can and want to.

Groove on! Marco & Giulia
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