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The lovely weather from the last weeks inspires for a proper hanging again. This is one with a noose and such :)
Instead of indoors, I like to take my metier outside these days, and see if there are enthusiastic women who like to get hanged from a tree in the park. The good old fashioned way. Maybe it will draw a crowd and we can make a ticket sale! Anything is possible in Berlin, and since the video project of a nice hanging can be considered art, we say it is to call a halt to the "witch hunt" on people across the globe, in any kind of way. Is it true, unfortunately.

Dear women in Berlin, feel free to respond with a pic and a small motivation. This is a paid job, and quite fun. Your safety is my main priority, therefore a special climbing harness will be used to perfect the illusion of a medieval hanging.

To illustrate the ad, it is a pic of Cate Blanchette as Elizabeth I. Great woman, great actress.
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