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This is a project of sketching and akt modeling.

I'm searching for collaboration with a sketch model that is also interested in sketching by herself for a series project. My biggest referents are the erotic sketches by Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele were they reproduce the female body during intimate instances such as masturbation and self erotism. But what would happen if that safe static structure for the male sketcher is threatened by dynamism? What would happen if the model has the chance to sketch back and direct a nude Gustav Klimt through a female gaze? Is that untold relationship of hierarchy, power and "foreign" interpretation of others bodies' autoerotic moments that interest me. The idea is to recollect several interpretations with different techniques around that topic: self erotism, masturbation, orgasm. The sketching session then starts reproducing one sketch of Egon Schiele. One directs, the other models, then we switch, the original model sketches and the other models and switch again and so on. I will keep the drawings and will be able to intervene them later for a series I have planned.

It doesn't matter how good at sketching you are, the weirdest the drawing the better actually. It is a project about experimentation and not perfection so take it easy, there's no good or bad, every sketch product is a valid product since variety of styles is more appreciated than portrait accuracy. I provide the paper, you can use any drawing material you feel more comfortable with. One session, one hour, 30 Euros. It is a safe environment and everything is up to discussion. If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.

About me: I am a designer, 28, m, eager to work in personal, more artistic, projects on the side of my day job.
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