post zu favoriten looking for female model / nude non erotic for magazine submission (Berlin) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

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Anstellungsart: Vertrag
Vergütung: tfp or compensation. tbd base on portfolio.

I'm working hard to push to another level my photography work. I'm looking for a female model for nude photography in order to create a body of work to send as a submission to get published on an online and offline magazine. I would like to send the editorial to a magazine like OPHELIA, THE OPERA, NUDE MAGAZINE, SOMEWHERE MAGAZINE etc .. Ideally I would shoot in analog since I have a photo lab to develop and print and it would be nice to have a final product.
Ideally, it would be TFP but I can invent something and is correct to do it in order to have a better working relationship. I'm looking for someone with a passion for art, for the visual pleasure of the beauty of the everyday body. this is not only a work for me, is something more.
You don't have to be necessarily a "model", just someone comfortable with your body. I'm not looking to create anything for "cover" magazine like PLAYBOY, MEET-ART etc... far far from that, I would like to share a more intimate perception of the female body, their delicacy and strength, their complexity and beauty.
We all have different shapes, you just need the right light...



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