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* Course description:
I offer german classes to students who want learn about the german language and culture. The course programm is adapted to the students specific language needs and interests. Whether you want to learn german for business, travel or interest.

* Teaching approach:
Together with the student I create a programm in the first class to respond as good as I can on the students requirements and interests. I teach modern vocabulary and grammar while relating it back to real-life situations. I use authentic medias to talk about current cultural, political or economical subjects. And I am very happy to give informations about my hometown Berlin.

* About the teacher:
Hi, I'm a german teacher from Berlin. The last years I travelled to several countries like France and Canada to teach german as a foreign language. I love meeting people from different countries and to get to know their culture. So teaching for me is not only teaching but also learning from my students.

* Places where you can take this course:
- Other public places
- At home
- In your office

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