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I teach people how to make exercise a simple and sustainable part of their lives, and to get a taste for enjoying their own strength and physicality, and the self-confidence that comes with owning your own body. We work as much as possible with bodyweight training (doing exercises that just use your own body), with minimal equipment: kettle bells, resistance bands... and park benches!

My training is designed for each individual's needs, and is based around strength training and high intensity interval training, which are two extremely effective ways to make positive changes to your body, health and fitness. I have always had a passion for fitness and love sharing this with others.

What's your goal?
- getting in shape
- building strength

How do we work?
- individually designed training
- mainly strength and high intensity interval training (HIIT)
- functional/bodyweight training

What do you get?
- higher energy levels and concentration
- feeling more balanced and satisfied
- a better body-feeling

Where do we train?
- outside in the fresh air in parks in the spring-to-autumn
- or at my studio at Körtestr. 8, at the Körperaufmerksamkeit studio

How much is it?
60€ for 60 min; 50€ for 45 min

Check out my workout videos on my youtube channel, like this one:
... or check out my website:

I am a qualified fitness trainer and have five years experience of training people one-on-one. In addition, I spent my life playing many sports at a fairly high level, including football, hockey, touch rugby and cricket, and I trained in breakdancing, running and yoga.... so I've learned many approaches to fitness! I am also a body therapist, which gives me a more holistic approach for thinking about what each person's body needs.

Look forward to meeting you,
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