post zu favoriten Finally begin to learn GERMAN? Several days TASTER COURSES from now (Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

You recently arrived in Germany and have already found out that it's not so much fun when you don't speak the country's language?
You're fearless and hands-on and think it would be best to begin learning German right away - literally jump into the cold water? - Very good! This is an attitude that will prevent you from spending years in that famous expat bubble.
Or you've been here for a while, working in English, thinking it would be a temporary stay not worth putting all the effort into learning a new language? But now you are going to stay for longer, maybe your job here is good, or you fell in love and you actually like it here? - Don't feel bad, you are not alone. Sometimes situations don't let you have enough energy and breath for taking up the challenge of learning German. But it's never too late to begin and to make the best of it!

Be it one of these or similar situations or another very different, reasons for learning German are multiple.
During all the years I'm now teaching German, I met a lot of foreigners who at first were reluctant to learn German, thinking it would be far to difficult. But the very same people, overcoming their beginner struggles and psychological blockades, then were surprised to find out that they could actually learn German, that it wasn't so difficult after all and that they could even reach a good level of German, enabling them to integrate better, to enjoy life in Germany more and to have more opportunities.

With these taster course I would like to encourage you to do the first step and give it a try, even though before you thought it impossible.

I'm offering small taster courses beginning from now. Course can be for small groups up to 3 students, for different levels or also one to one. The price for the taster course is reduced compared to the normal lesson price. A course should consist of 7 to 12 lessons, taken within a period of not more than 14 days to have a more intense effect.

Offer yourself a comprehensive, soft approach to German grammar, with a special method and a teacher who can explain in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. Get a first overview of grammar, learn basic structures, rules and vocabulary and the basic conversational skills to save your life, buy something and order food.
Of course it's possible to continue lessons later on with less frequency, once per week, twice or thrice per week, or every other week, block seminars, several-day intensive courses - any kind of schedule is possible.

Please contact me by mail for further details.

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