favorite this post Englisch Lehrer/Nachhilfer. Philosophie als Englisch (Berlin, Germany) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Learn English through the principles of Philosophy.

I have a B.A in Philosophy and German and a Post Graduate Diploma of Education in English Grammar and Literature.

I can teach you English Grammar and Usage through the principles of Philosophy and Critical Thinking. You will learn to think with the language you are learning!

I will assess your level of English and once we know this level, I can, through Philosophy and Literature, help you to reach your goals within the target language in a fun and culturally relevant manner.

My aim as a teacher is for you to acquire proficiency in English in a way which will be personally meaningful to you. As you learn the grammatical and conversational aspects of English you will also discover and learn about English Culture including: Philosophy, Poetry and Painting.

The learning environment is of paramount importance. If you prefer to learn in your own space I am happy to travel to you, and if you feel you learn more outside of your own space we can arrange a comfortable and convenient meeting place.

Jack Kielty


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