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Hello community ,

My name is Milena Mott , Iam a singer and I just finished my album . I have already made some videos for the project and they are still in the making .
Now that the album is done am looking for a team to do make more visuals especially videos and photos .
To than approach Labels and release them with the album .

I used to do more jazz music if you are interested to listen beforehand ( Milena Simone moneypulation live in Berlin ).If you are interested I would send you some new songs that are more soul pop and meet you .
I don't have a budget but a basic photo studio I can use.
I put all the money I had into the mixing and mastering to create the best music possible unfortunately , I don't have a budget now .
But a photo studio and a camera .
AS SOME OF THE SONGS are sounding a little 70s i would love to head in that direction style wise.
I can offer you to put your name down in the production of the record so you get some points of the record and get a share if it has airplay.

The Best Milena
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