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Web development low rates high quality. Thats why this ad will be flaged as prohibited by my competitors and deleted soon.

Custom plugins or modifications, mobile-ready sites, quick front-end changes, powerful interface-driven projects.
I'm ready for whatever you have to throw at me that has anything to do with PHP, WordPress, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MYSQL or anything in-between.

With 2 years of experience with WordPress, C#, JavaScript, and many (many) different libraries designed to work with all of these technologies.
My speciality is awesome backend functionality utilized via simple User Interface.

After all, without it being simple-to-use for the end user, what's the point of creating it?

Need something put together? Let's talk.

skype: santamaxim

P.S. my last work -

my pre-previous work is site for bussiness that collects
compares and shows prices for certain products
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