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Vergütung: 20 Eur/hr

We are a smartphone app that offers brain training games and relaxation audio sessions, and we're looking to tailor our product more closely to modern Chinese users!

We are looking for Chinese women AND men to take part in a 1-hour group chat with us about the current trends and hot topics in modern China, at our office in Kreuzberg.

We'd like to pick your brain on some of the following topics:
-What is currently popular/trendy in China?
-Which type of games would Chinese users like (smartphone or other)?
-Which type of audio sessions would they like to listen to?
-Who are popular influencers in China, eg. on social media?
-Are there important regional differences?
-etc. etc.

Reimbursement is Eur 20 for 1 hour!

Please only respond if you are Chinese and in touch with Chinese popular culture/ or extremely savvy about current Chinese popular culture. Email us and please introduce yourself in one or two sentences, including your age and gender. Also, your English or German should be at an adequate conversation level. Ages 20 and up.

The meeting will be set for next week, we will find a time that works for everyone once enough people have responded.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Team Memorado

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