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Drawing class
on basic
From February 2 to April 6th 2017
Thursday 11.00 - 13.00
180 € the whole class, 95 € 5 classes or 19 € per class

The course is divided in theoretical and practical lessons on line, tones and color, lights and shadows, study of compositions and images, drawing on human figure ( details, portraits ), introduction to perspective and search
of own style.
Examples and studies from old masters. Every student will be followed personally.
The class is suitable mainly for beginners since it's focused on basic
knowledge of drawing, proportions, shading, perspective and techniques.
But since it will anyway develop student's ability and skills in seeing and then drawing 3dimensional shapes, it's useful and suitable also for more experienced students that would like to increase their skill in creating and seeing shapes while practicing new techniques.

That will involve also some life drawing from model and the study of human body and head/face.

It's suggested to follow regularly the class to get better results, but it's also possible to follow per lesson. The first series of lessons will end at . Then will probably start a new series according to student's interest.

Material to bring along to start:
. Sketches block ( semi-rough )
. pencils ( f or h - Hb - 2b - 4b - 6b ),
. "vine" charcoal sticks and compressed charcoal sticks
. sharpener, eraser and kneaded eraser
. masking tape
Extra if required :
. pastell Kreide black and white
. graphite stick

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