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I offer you the Hawaiian massage Lomi at your place.

Lomi - probably the the most relaxing, sensuous, oily and floating massage you ever tried...
It is the best way to now your desires and to give you the best what is possible...

You can also find me on FB like "lomi4u" (Lomi - oily full body Hawaiian massage)


Lomi Lomi is one of the deepest and most subtle massages. Hawaiian Healers practice it from ancient times and call it Massage of Healing Touch. It is believed, that this technique and touch of hands sweeps away tension and energetic blockage from the body, relaxes, soothes, helps for self-healing. It recreates harmony and positive energy balance in all body. In physical level Lomi Lomi reduces stress and tension, normalizes blood and lymph circulation that helps to eliminate stagnant fluids and toxins. Lomi Lomi massage also extracts negative energy from your body and helps to eliminate it.


I am Irman(tas), the masseur and multi artist from Lithuania, now living in Berlin.
I have graduated Vilnius University and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. All my studies and activities are related to the structure of humans' body.
I was always interested in various types of massage therapies and body treatments.

Currently I use Lomi Lomi massage technique, varying it with other techniques, complementing with my own discoveries, tricks and secrets.

40-50 € for 1-1,5 hour full body massage session...

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
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