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WIRED CHILL needs a BookingManager, to keep the band playing on Fridays and Saturdays, anywhere from Berlin to 2-3 hours car-drive away from Berlin.

After having played wherever possible within this zone, we can gradually expand ...

The band has to go work/go play, to be able to pay ... pay for getting out there, by having some funds for tasks like Mastering of our recordings, for releasing/publishing, printing, and merchandise, for making a music video, and other things, on some clever strategies and useful ideas of how to most effectively be promoting WIRED CHILL the best, all in order to build a proper fan-base to begin with.

The funkRock band WIRED CHIL (founded by Andre, Andrzej and Mila August2014) has been getting itself ready to get out there.
Having now arrived at that place where the songs have been played with and developed enough to live their own expressions, and as well being in the last stages of the 1st album-recordings, there couldn't be a better time to start sending WIRED CHILL out there.

Let us know why you might be the one!

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