favorite this post After El Lissitsky? Material inspired by or related to 1922 exhibit (usa) dieses posting verbergen einbl.

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Looking for info any helpful info on this maquette that is very old and handmade......done in exact fashion and color scheme/construction as early constructivist was sent to one of the major New York auction houses for appraisal. The appraisers thought it was about 20 years too new for an actual lissitzky?....they couldnt say for sure......the appraisers were also confused that the original artwork seen here appears to be anglicized using an S instead of the end, the appraisers were mystified at it's origins and because they could not Exactly attribute a time and artist to the work, they had no option but to send it back to is a beautiful hand made piece that i purchased at a second hand store about 25 years ago in the is a very old gouache with cut and paste construction....original pencil lines can be seen when cell is lifted....the "cell" overlay will belmish with water contact making me believe it is very very early ......there are registration marks on corners for use by the eventual printers....any info greatly appreciated.....thanks

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