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Reliable, Responsive, Legally - Registered and Insured, Man with a Van service.

I am the registered and insured owner of my business and vehicle - don't risk being let down by amateurs.


Established in February 2012 I've helped many artists relocate to new studios and move large artworks to and from their galleries safely, respectfully and free from stress.

Call Mark now on 0176 9953 3563 to find out how quickly and easily you can arrange your transport. Or Email details of what you need via Craigslist or my blog for an immediate quote.

Beatritz moved some large artworks to her gallery, she said:

The communication with Mark was always fluid, easy and overall professional. When he came, i instantly knew i can trust him. Transport Art is always a matter of delicacy and you need really to trust the one that's going to do it, or your works can go really get damaged. He was following all my instructions in how to move the paintings with care and patience, also always smiling
and with a very nice mood.

More at MARKMANWITHAVAN.TUMBLR.COM or call Mark on 0176 99533563

Secure, clean and insulated 8mÃÆ'Į'ÃÆ'†â€™ÃÆ'ƒÂ¢ÃÆ'¢â€Ã. . .¡Ã‚¬ÃÆ'. . .¡ÃÆ'Į'ÃÆ'¢â‚¬Å¡ÃÆ'ƒâ€Ã. . .¡ÃÆ'‚³ of space -- max dimensions (a lot bigger than a VW Transporter/Mercedes Vito size):
H -- 1650, W - 1870/1410, L -- 2500, diagonal (/) 2000

Call Mark Chadwick on 0176 99533563 or email (via Craigslist or my blog MARKMANWITHAVAN.TUMBLR.COM) for an immediate quote.

All prices (from as little as 40Eur) are inclusive of labour, but if you require transport only please ask.

My business is fully registered in Berlin and you will receive a tax receipt.
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