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I look for models to create a new portfolio. I want to experiment in the field of nudity and body awareness with long time explosure, projections, double exposure, coloured light and other techniques.

What i'm looking for
You dont need to be experienced, just be comfortable in front of the camera. I'm very experienced in working with amateur models, so dont worry about that. I'm open to work with female and male models, also i would like to work with two models same time (you and a friend, or you and another model for example). I'm open to work with all kind of body types. Just be honest and let me know in advance how what body type you are. I dont expect you to be an playboy model. I want to have real models. Please mention how you would feel about posing nude or in underwear and about other limits you might have.

Please be interested and openminded to create something artsy, pretty, sexy, weird or trashy stuff. If you need something specific of course i could help you do shoot it for you in exchange.

Also be sure: I want to show the photos.We can discuss together which pictures will be used for sure. You will get digital copies of the final results for your portfolio or private purpose. We will make a time for print contract.

About me
Just to know a bit more about my background: I'm a Berlin based photographer and filmmaker, 29 years old -- male. I studied journalism with focus on documentary film making and photography.

If you are interested, please be sure you have actually time and really want to do it. Then please send me a few pictures, that i can get a sense how you look and a bit of information about you.

You can find my work on

Hope to find cool people to colloborate with!
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