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After a bit of a break, I'm back in Berlin. So for my regulars, please get in touch to book a session and for those reading this post for the first time, my name is Jason, I'm a 28 y.o guy from London. I am offering my service as a footstool. Use me to rest your tired feet on me and in return I'm happy to offer you 20 euro per hour. So if you are single or a couple (doesn't matter what age, religion etc.) you can use me for yourself or with a group of friends. I'll pay each of you :)

I've always had a thing for feet and this is something I like doing. This has worked very well in the past and I now have a few customers I see on a regular basis. I'm always keen to meet new people who are willing to try something new and have fun. Please note that this is a genuine offer and this will not involve anything other than your feet, its always good to be clear on this. Basically all you need to do is just sit back, put your feet on me and relax, you can also either carry on with your work or your studies and that's it, just think as if I'm not there at all (and you won't even notice me !!!). The session can be done at your place or mine if you prefer, I'm happy to accommodate. I'm looking for females or couples only.

So this gives me a chance to do what I like and I'm sure a little bit of pocket money can't be bad for you !!!

So drop me a line and we can arrange something. I'm happy to meet someplace public first so we can discuss and take it from there. If you wish to get a reference from some of my regular customers, I'm happy to arrange that so feel free to ask :)

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