post zu favoriten Young guy seeking for shared cock with a dominant Lady dieses posting verbergen einbl.

Greetings to every couple who found this here,

I think the title is clear. I want to share a rock hard nice cock with a beautifull Women/Mistress I can learn from and show her my readiness of use. The fantasies goes so far that I would "steal" and you guys caught me in the act. That's said I don't want to make it too detailed cuz like this there is room for spontaneity. I'm sure about the fact that it should be getting real rough, face slapping and spiting, deepthroat!
I'm a 28 years old male with an 1.70cm fit body and an almost insane wish of getting a proper throat-training.... and to show my gratitude to both of you.
I like to hear your ideas and appreciate all input you can give me.
Put femdom in the subject line
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