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Level I Courses for Women and Teens starting 9 January 2017!!

Classes are taught in English, but can accommodate German and French speakers.

Pretty Deadly is for women of every age, every body type, every skill level. Based on real-life situations, realistic settings, and in the clothes women actually wear, this 5-class course begins with the basics of natural body movement, intuition and strategy, builds to simple exercises and effective techniques, and tops off with a final "exam" to test your techniques so you know they actually work! Designed for real women by real women, Pretty Deadly Self Defense aims to teach awareness and action that builds confidence, self trust, and helps keep you safe on the streets and at home.

Pretty Deadly Self Defense is based on the belief that self defense is more than just stopping an assault or beating someone up. It's about presence, confidence, and trust in our own innate will to be. We believe that everyone has a right to exist and occupy their own personal space, and everyone has a right to agency over their own body. Pretty Deadly is about finding yourself, your own capabilities, bringing your power into the open and never having to hide who you are.

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