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Hello, thanks for clicking in.

I am looking for learners of Spanish or English who are NATIVE SPEAKERS of German, Italian or French..

I have designed a learning system called Counterflow and wish to explain how it works.

There is no money involved in this exchange. It is free, and you don't get paid.

However, it may develop into an entrepreneurial activity for you if you are interested (and get efficient at its practice). Please let us talk about that possibility later.

Please have a BASIC knowledge of the language you are trying to learn from me (Spanish or English). This is not for complete beginners. It is meant to help those who have reached a plateau and are looking to re-ignite their language learning.

We will meet at a public space (Cafe, library, etc) and we will have Counterflow sessions, where the LEARNER of the language teaches the native speaker an activity that I will explain. There are five different activities: Truco (an Argentinean card game), Puzzles and games, Tangrams, Numerycles and lastly Theater, which operates in a slightly different way from the other four and is more suitable for lager groups than for the one on one sessions that this ad seeks to create.

Please let me know if I managed to stir any interest. This is for those who seek a new way to learn a language and/or are interested in using their native language as a trading commodity in a structured way. Another way of looking at this is saying that this is the "share economy" version of language courses. What Airbnb is to accommodation and Uber to transportation, Counterflow is to language acquisition.

Espero que me escribas.
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