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Bonsoir, Ladies!
I'm searching for a decent girl to visit some clubs. Different kinds of clubs - with different kinds people and different kinds of behaviors we have to follow during our visits.

We should find us attractive one another. Enjoying strange moments and life in general is much easier with, in my opinion, attractive people around.
I'm tall, open-minded and friendly to all human beings - as long as they don't molest their environment. I'm looking like I'm angry, that's my face. Call it manliness...

Although I care about the opinions of others about my person, I'm not ashamed to be superficial.

You should not call Yourself ugly. You should not be anxious around random or new people. Your ethnic background doesn't matter. Your taste in music should not be too specific / tight shaped, because of the different music genres, the clubs We'll attend, play.

I like slim girls, as long as You look healthy, that's my only requirement to call a woman sexy. And Your face matters as well, of course.

I'm trying new things in general, if You have other new ideas of breaking out, You can share them with me and we can - together - Live these experiences. I'm very open-minded and easy going.

Wir können auch Deutsch sprechen.
Je ne parle pas francais, yet.

Please write what music You can't stand into your first mail.
You don't have to send a picture in your first mail, but later we will exchange some.

To get to know each other we can first go have a coffee, or if You're cool we can go ice skating at Horst-Dohm-Stadium ! :)

Enjoy the Moment


ps. I'm 23. I'm not seeking for any sexual interactions with this ad.
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