favorite this post I hope you read this dieses posting verbergen einbl.

I know this is crazy but it is possible and i hope this story will remind you of this black man you made an impression on .

Story :

I live and work here in Berlin and i was coming from work around the Gesundbrunnen area . You got off the S-Bahn line and was walking ahead of me. I will not describe your features because i am a gentle man . Let me just say you were so appealing and beautiful in my eyes .
For some reason , you looked back and caught me staring , our eyes locked and you gave me this warm smile that made me feel like i had just won a billion dollar lotto . At the same time , you kinda slowed your pace to look in your bag , my heart almost jumped and pounded faster . It was like you expected me to walk up and say something but instead i just passed and on passing i looked back , we both smiled but i did not have the ba..s or courage to stop and chat you up .
Till this day , i regret not saying hi :-(

I hope this resonates with you and you have the time to write back because you have been in my dreams and i cannot take my mind off you . I sure would like to take you out so that we can chat over a meal , bottle of wine or beers .

Fingers crossed ..............
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