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Here's a song I wrote about Cocaine if wants to have a listen Bild Musiker

___USA Rock Band looking for German Manager/Booking Agent___ (Berlin) Musiker

Real Deal Drummer from NYC now living in Berlin and ready to play (Berlin) Bild Musiker

People and the City, Put Yourself in the Picture Bild Künstler

Needing a MC? (Eng) (berlin) Community: Allgemein

Looking for Graphic Designer to help with Logo Community: Allgemein

Crazy bassplayerlooking for djent progressive band (Berlin) Bild Musiker

C++ Programming Lessons! (Berlin) Bild Community: Allgemein

People with Depression, meetup? (Berlin) Community: Allgemein

Berlin Overcoming and Studying Mental Disorders (Group) (Berlin) Bild Community: Allgemein

Programming C++ Lessons in Berlin! (Berlin) Bild Community: Allgemein


Affordable rehearsal space in Kreuzberg available! (Berlin) Musiker

Klavierkurse fuer Kinder ab 3 Jahre in BERLIN (spiral school of music® : All of Berlin) Bild Kinderbetreuung

Theory, Composition, Harmony, Counterpoint Lessons in BERLIN (spiral school of music® : All of Berlin) Bild Musiker

26 year old Female from California looking for Work! (Berlin) Bild Community: Allgemein

Members wanted (Berlin) Musiker

-Guitar Fingers book- Bild Musiker

Kurdesque band seeks percussionist/drummer (berlin) Musiker

PIANO LESSONS with professional pianist (prenzlauer berg) Bild Musiker

Zane ~ Folk Rocker in Berlin Bild Community: Allgemein

studio intern and / or assistant (Berlin) Bild Künstler

Kenny had no chance for kids of his own (right here) Gruppen

Women's basketball in Berlin Freizeitpartner


Drummer wanted for indie pop band (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Keyboardist wanted for indie pop band (Berlin) Musiker

MUSIC THEORY LESSONS (Friedrichshain) Bild Musiker

BASS LESSONS (Friedrichshain) Bild Musiker

DRUMS LESSONS (Friedrichshain) Bild Musiker

PIANO LESSONS (Friedrichshain) Bild Musiker

looking for a female SPIRITUAL singer Musiker

Guitarist seeks rehearsal space (U or S BAHN) Musiker

Professional, experienced UK guitar tutor - Jazz, rock and pop (Berlin) Bild Musiker


Producteur, musicien et ingénieur de son expérimenté et flexible Musiker

Band is looking for VideoArtist (Berlin) Bild Künstler

Roaring Indonesia: Property industry to grow in 2015 Community: Allgemein

Relic Radiation Demo Free (Cyber Space) Bild Community: Allgemein

New Music From Prog/Indie/Alt rock Project (Cyber Space) Bild Künstler

Drummer/Wanted(Experienced/Versatile) (Berlin) Musiker

INDIVIDUAL VOCAL COACHING (Neukölln/Kreuzberg) Bild Musiker

Painter looking for model for erotic illustration (Mitte) Künstler

Space Available for Installations, Workshops, Performances & More (Prenzlauer Berg) Bild Künstler

Space Available for Practice, Acoustic Concerts, Workshops & More (Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg) Bild Musiker

Gift Music Lessons! (spiral school of music® ~ Berlin) Bild Musiker

Biete Proberaummitnutzung / rehearsal space Musiker

Musikalische Frueherziehung fuer Kinder 4-6 in Berlin (spiral school of music®) Bild Kinderbetreuung

Singing Lessons ~ Gesangsunterricht in BERLIN (spiral school of music®) Bild Musiker

Paid recording job for french horn player (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Real music - Guitarist, Bass, Drums needed (Berlin) Musiker

looking for video artist (berlin) Künstler

Safari Travel Partner Africa Freizeitpartner Community: Allgemein

career management, coaching, guidance for musicians bands djs artists (berlin mitte) Musiker

GUIDANCE, career management, COACHING for artists, CREATIVES (berlin) Künstler

Underwater hockey / Octopush Freizeitpartner

Democratization of Fine Art search activists (Berlin) Künstler

KICK ASS DRUMMER SOUGHT FOR PAID GIGS (Berlin/Europe) (Berlin/Europe) Musiker

Professional, experienced UK guitar tutor - Jazz, rock and pop (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Individual and person centered GUITAR LESSONS (Neukölln, Berlin) Bild Musiker

Drummer Needed For Indie Band (Berlin) Musiker

Saxophone lessons in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) Bild Musiker

Suche einen Gitarristen Musiker

Redneck boat car florida usa Community: Allgemein

Session Guitarist Available. (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Drummer wanted for garage group (Neukölln) Musiker

Subjects needed for Nude Portraits (Berlin) Künstler


drummer wanted (berlin) Musiker

Drummer with Electric Drumkit wanted (Berlin) Musiker

FREE LADIES HAIRCUT (Berlin) Community: Allgemein

Powerful Male VOCALIST Available For RECORDING Projects. Musiker

Ambitious bassist wanted for modern rock band Musiker

guidance, career management, coaching for artists, CREATIVES (berlin) Künstler

pro metal drummer wanted (berlin) Musiker

DRUMMER wanted for ALTERNATIVE HIP-HOP BAND (berlin) Musiker

video models (Kreuzberg) Freizeitpartner

posing for video (Kreuzberg) Freiwillige

Practice Space with Piano ~ Proberaum mit Klavier (Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg) Bild Musiker

Instrumental & Voice Lessons for Children in Berlin (spiral school of music® : Berlin) Bild Kinderbetreuung

Flute and/or Saxophone Lessons in BERLIN (spiral school of music® : All of Berlin) Bild Musiker

......... 80's CLEVELAND, OHIO ..... Rock-n-Roll Bands ... VIDEO Bild Musiker

Music Production Team available for your next project (Minneapolis) Bild Musiker

40qm ARTIST STUDIO SPACE TO SHARE (Berlin-Wedding) Bild Künstler

Wanted: a place for music production and teaching Bild Musiker

North, South, East, West America's Mission: Exchange (Georgetown, TX) Community: Allgemein

Piano/Harmony/Compo Lessons (Berlin-Kreuzberg) Musiker

Klavierunterricht/Piano Lesson, Korrepetition/Accompanist (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Spielst du Clash of Clans? Teste unsere neue App!//Test our new app! (Berlin Mitte) Freizeitpartner

Ukulele chord notebook Bild Musiker

Mastering & Mixing Studio - Analog Processing, Affordable Prices (Berlin) Bild Musiker

/// PORTRAITS /// (Berlin) Bild Künstler

Querflöte Unterricht in Kreuzberg / Flute lessons in Kreuzberg (Berlin) Bild Musiker


DaNár duo - piano, flute duo (Berlin) Bild Musiker

Álomfa - ein besondere Musik (Berlin) Bild Musiker

female singer-musician needed Bild Musiker

Are you a Music Teacher? Do you need more publicity? We can help! (Berlin) Bild Musiker

freezing canadian (ontario) Community: Allgemein

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